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Green Card Eligibility

You may be eligible to apply for a green card (permanent residence) through your family, a job offer or employment, refugee or asylum status, or a number of other special provisions. In some cases, you may even be able to self petition or have a record created for permanent residence on your behalf. In general, to meet the requirements for permanent residence in the United States, you must:

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Adjustment of Status

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) permits the change of an individual's immigration status while in the United States from nonimmigrant or parolee (temporary) to immigrant (permanent) if the individual was inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States and is able to meet all required qualifications for a green card (permanent residence) in a particular category. The common term for a change to permanent status is “adjustment of status.”

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Travel Documents

Passenger travelling on international flights shall submit one of the following identification forms: • Passport; • Travel documents or immigration documents in accordance with Vietnam Civil Law (named Passport hereafter). For children without a passport: full names, date of birth and portrait picture have to be available in the travel document of the legitimate representative. Passenger from the age of fourteen travelling on domestic flights in Vietnam shall submit one of the following identification forms: • Non-Vietnamese nationalities: Passport; • Vietnamese nationality ypes of travel documents needed before you travel. o Passport; o Identity card; o Military Identity card; o National Assembly membership card; o Communist party membership card o Press Identity card; o Driving licence; o Aviation Security control card; o Airlines Identity card; o Confirmed form written by local police or authorities. For children under 14 years old travelling on Vietnam domestic flights: • Non-Vietnamese nationalities: Passport; • Vietnamese nationality: o Passport; o Birth Certificate; o Birth Confirmation Form: Infants under one (01) month old; o Confirmation of a social organisation: children under the patronage of that organisation (this shall be valid within 6 months since the date of confirmation). Unaccompanied children under 14 years old: Apart from the above-mentioned papers, a commitment form of legitimate representative shall be required. The travel documents used by passengers travelling by air as referred above shall meet the following conditions: • Such travelling documents are still valid; • A passenger photo is glued on and stamped, except for certificate of birth, paper certifying birth of infants, security badge and airlines ID.

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