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5 Tips for passengers on flights

Aircraft is quick and safe mean of transport today. However, many people usually get airsick, tinnitus or ear pain during flights. Try to apply some following ways to get the best health for the great tour

Eating and resting well before flight

A helpful advice on travelling by airplane is to eat and rest well 3 days before flights. It would rather go to bed 1 hour earlier than usual if traveling eastwards and go to bed 1 hour later if traveling west. A few days before the flight, it’s necessary to take vitamins B - C to enhance the resistance of the body; Eating more protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, seafood, cereals,  bread, water melon, citrus, salad is good for health.


A helpful advice on travelling by airplane is to eat much protein and vitamin B-C food before you go.

Bring snacks with you

Bringing snacks with you aim to avoiding hunger and tiredness when you travel on a flight not serving meal or not delicious but expensive meal. This is one of advice for airline passengers which you may refer to. In case the transit time at airports is too long, a few snacks will rescue you. You should bring snacks such as bread, butter, jam, cakes, dry beans, candy, fruit cut into small plastic containers. You should not bring strong-smelling foods, yogurt, fruit juice.

Regular leg movements while sitting on a plane

Sitting too long in a cramped seat will make you feel fatigue, body aches, leg swelling, cramps. Thus, you avoid sitting cross-legged, and you should straighten the legs to make you more comfortable. On sitting, you would better to stretch the toes, feet, shoulder. If you can go forward and backward to do good blood circulation, it’s a good advice on the plane you should apply.

How to prevent airsick?

People flying in the first time should drink a little ginger tea or take a few slices of ginger to keep in your mouth. It will help you not airsick or vomiting when sitting on the plane. You bring a small bottle of peppermint oil to smell or some mint candy to suck on the plane.

An useful tip on the plane is that you should choose the seat in the middle of airplane, near the window so as not to get airsick. You should avoid choosing seats in the rear because this section is often vibrated which make you sickness and dizziness. You should also drink plenty of water, do not drink coffee, wine, coca cola because it increases the likelihood of dehydration.


Select a seat near a window to help you not get airsick

What to prevent tinnitus, ear pain?

It’s very useful for you to chew gum and to use cotton earplugs whilst sitting on a plane. Swallowing saliva several times or yawning when the plane takes off or land will help you not get tinnitus or earache. Furthermore, before flying, you drink plenty of water, avoid drinking coffee or alcohol. Your children should drink water when the plane takes off and land to prevent tinnitus or ear pain.