Vietnam Airline Booking

5 tips to book cheap flight tickets for you

In the current price escalation, hunting a cheap flight ticket will save you a considerable expense to travel, visit friends or go home. However, hunting fare is like the lottery, quickly lucky one to buy the tickets and then you can apply some of the following tips to "get a high rewards” when booking cheap airfare

Update promotion information of airlines

A trick seems to be simple but extremely effective which were told by hunter of cheap airfare that you should sign up as a member and receive news of airlines. Soon when firms have promotions, you will be one of the first people to know the hot news and quickly booking. Another way is to like the firm's fanpage. When launching promotions, the airline will post a message on facebook and you will get the promotions in the fastest way.


Liking fanpage of airlines helps you hunt cheap flight tickets

Good internet connection

When thousands of people book cheap flight tickets like you at the same time, you have to book tickets quickly to get chance to get benefit. What you need is a good personal computer and the stable Internet connection and fast ticketing operations. If Internet network at your house flutter, you should go to your company or somewhere there is high-speed Internet connection. Many people cannot book tickets in the house but they do in the company.

If its website is overloaded, please wait patiently, push F5 continuously and open multiple browsers simultaneously so a cheap flight ticket does not slip out of your hands. Tips that you should prepare your personal information into a word file to copy for booking tickets fast, do not waste time retyping.

Booking at specific time

Many ticket hunters tip that bookings flight ticket on the “special” hour at midnight or early morning make your more chances to get a cheap ticket. When most people are sleeping, Internet connection  is faster, you will not have many people to compete with you about the cheap ticket. Or you can ask the dealer, ticket office to help you because they often sit up if the computer system have tickets, they will know and book rightly.


Other tip to hunt cheap ticket is that you should book flight ticket at midnight ant early morning.

Buy single ticket instead of a bund of tickets at the same time

A great tip which ticket hunter revealed that you should book 1-2 tickets and don’t be greed to buy 5-7 tickets at the same time. When only booking 1-2 flight ticket for a while, you'll work faster. While at the same time as holding many tickets there is a risk you do not buy tickets is very high.

Besides, you should book one-way tickets. You should not book return ticket because just 1 in 2-way tickets are gotten by others, you will have to book tickets from the start. For example, you need to book Vietnam Airlines airfare to South Korea, then you book Hanoi - South Korea first, succeed then set the next way Korea - Ha Noi. This is definitely safe and you have in hand at least a cheap ticket.

In-cash bank card

When you have booked successfully but the ATM card is out of money, it’s really furious. Therefore, all of your effort are in vain and you concede cheap flight tickets for others. It is vitally important when you hunt cheap airfare is always to have money in Visa card, ATM card, accounts are ready for the payment.


This is extremely important get available money in your cash for cheap ticket booking

A convenient way that helps you book a cheap flight tickets is located at the box office, the official agent of the airline. Vietnamairlinesonline is the official box office of Vietnam Airlines and this is a reliable address for customers wishing to purchase airline tickets. You can book air tickets easily on website with a few mouse clicks. Or else,you just need to provide personal information, the staff will book cheap airfare in the fastest time that you do not have to worry. Moreover, customers are also explained carefully by consultants about itinerary, procedures for customers, so that they are always happy during their trip