Vietnam Airline Booking

Which is the best airline in Vietnam?

Among the airlines in Vietnam at present, Vietnam Airlines is appraised the best about quality of services, so a lot of customers trustfully choose to use its service. Booking airfare of Vietnam Airlines will help you enjoy flights rapidly, safely, comfortably and conveniently with a lot of attractive incentives. Booking Vietnam Airlines right now at lets you fly with this best quality, prestigious airline in Vietnam

Safe, modern airplane fleet

Vietnam Airlines currently owns a large fleet of over 80 airplanes. Passengers will be on line of airplanes using advanced technology in the aviation industry as Boeing 777, Airbus 330, Airbus 320/321, Fokker 70, ATR72, Airbus A350-900, Boeing 787.

The new, modern, well-equipped fleet of Vietnam Airlines will satisfy you quick, safe, comfortable flights without the feelings of fatigue and airsick as you fly on other air carrier.

Vietnam Airlines has achieved the prestigious certificate of safe flight exploitation of the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA), and this is also the Vietnamese airlines which its incident regarding safe flight is at the lowest level.


Vietnam Airlines is the airline owning the most modern airplanes in Vietnam

The broad air route network

Vietnam Airlines got the Vietnam's largest route network with convenient connecting flights schedule, bringing the maximum convenience for the customer. Vietnam Airlines launches domestic flights throughout Vietnam and its route network also extends over Indochina, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

Passengers easily book airfares to Hanoi, Saigon, Nha Trang, Hue, Da Nang, Phu Quoc or  Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, the UK, France, Spain, United States, Canada, etc. You can set airfares of Vietnam Airlines on rapidly and conveniently with a lot of attractive incentives to enjoy an interesting journey.


Vietnam Airlines exploits a broad domestic international air route network

Overwhelming service quality

Vietnam Airlines always is on top about services and quality in Vietnam nowadays. Passengers are offered free snacks, beverage throughout their journey. There are three airfare classes for passenger selection including: Business class, special economy class and economy class. For each airfare class, passengers will get a chance to choose a comfortable convenient seat, tasted food crib, to experience modern entertainment system, and enjoy comfortable delight emotion during the trip.


Passengers are served thoughtfully during flights of Vietnam Airlines

Special services

To ensure comfortable flights for each passenger, Vietnam Airlines apply various types of special services such as reservation, services for infants and children, pregnants, the disables or passengers with medical problems. Besides, passengers can request special meals in accordance with religion, cultural traditions, and their health status; special transport service, pet, etc.


You can choose special services of Vietnam Airlines

Interesting promotion

The question is set out why do customers choose Vietnam Airlines as the most popular choice today? Vietnam Airlines not only own fleet of modern safe airplane and extensive air route network, superior quality of service but also spend many incentives to customers. Customers participating GLP will enjoy many promotions when travelling on airplanes such as receipt of awards, upgraded seat, excessive baggage coupon, etc. Besides, Vietnam Airlines also frequently launch attractive promotion programs such as: summer promotion, autumn promotion, new route opening, cheap airfares to Europe, low-cost airfares to Vietnam inland, etc.


Vietnam Airlines frequently launch cheap airfare program.

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